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Denim Business Directory includes businesses & professionals from all segments and from across the globe.
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Data : Listing of Businesses

Denim Business Directory carries information about more than 1100 denim related businesses.

The businesses listed in the directory are grouped under various value chain segments. This categorization makes it easier for everyone to see all businesses falling under their respective sections.

In the hard-bound paper format, within a segment, companies are listed in the alphabetical order of the official name of the company.

Every listed business has information about a representative to easily get in touch with them for any query or requirement.

Global Reach & Visibility
Data : Listing of Professionals

Denim Business Directory carries information of more than 1500 denim related professionals.

The professionals in the directory include business owners and employees, and will be linked to their segment of the denim value chain.

Cross Reference Index

The cross reference indexing in the directory enables you to locate the company associated with the professional, with a single flip of pages.

Thus, you can start your search from anywhere, and locate the business or individual you are looking for in just a couple of steps.

Global Reach & Visibility
Segments in Denim Value Chain

The Denim Business Directory comprehensively covers the entire value chain of the Denim industry by including the all segments listed below:

Fibre, Yarn, Fabric, Dyes & Chemicals, Trims & Accessories, Cutting & Sewing, Washing & Laundry, Brands, Retail, Spares & Consumables, Machinery, Testing & Certification, IT / Technology Solutions, Consultants, Institutes, Associations, and Allied Services.

Denim Business Directory is the only compilation of data and information relating to denim industry, which is structured logically and rationally, and is indexed intelligently for the convenience of users.