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A unique compilation of useful info related to businesses & professionals engaged in different segments of denim value chain.

Must Have Resource for all Denim Professionals

One of its kind

Denim Club, has taken the lead to create the first and the only, world's most comprehensive Directory of Denim Businesses and Professionals.

The directory will prove to be a unique, one-of-its-kind resource, offering authentic, mission critical information and details about a very large number of denim related businesses and denim related professionals and industry.

Global Exposure

It is a must-have resource for all denim related professionals, decision makers and business-owners. The Denim Business Directory is also the best possible option for all denim related business to advertise and get noticed by the entire fraternity of denim professionals. Add your company to the Denim Directory now!

The Denim Business Directory will be released by Denim Club in July, 2014.

Unique Compilation of Mission Critical Information

Denim Business Directory comprehensively covers the different segments of denim value chain.
Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage

Denim Business Directory comprehensively covers all the segments of denim value chain. It carries information about more than 1000 businesses and 1500 professionals engaged in various segments of denim value chain.

Authentic & Accurate
Authentic & Accurate

The directory is a unique and un-matched store house of mission critical information about denim related businesses and professionals, which has been verified by the Denim Club team.

Global Reach & Visibility
Global Reach & Visibility

The Denim Business directory will be published in four formats - as a paper book, as an e-book, an online interface, and a mobile app. Multiple formats of the directory will ensure a global reach and visibility.

1000+ Businesses, 1500+ Professionals & still growing!

Denim Business Directory includes businesses & professioanls from all segments and from across the globe.
Global Reach & Visibility
Who's Who in Denim Industry

"Denim Industry Who's Who" is compilation of contemporary, prominent and noteworthy business-owners and professionals who have contributed to the growth and evolution of Denim industry in India and abroad.

These renowned individuals represent diverse segments of the denim value chain and have been drawn from various parts of the world.

The Denim Who's Who by Denim Club promises to become the one and only source of it's kind for most authentic and reliable information about the business-owners, decision makers and professionals engaged in the denim value chain.

Click here for a live preview of the Denim Who's Who section.

Global Reach & Visibility
Businesses & Professionals

This is the core section of the directory and will carry comprehensive information about businesses and professionals from the denim value chain. The data section will be further divided into two sections:

  • Listing of Businesses - Will include name of company, postal address and contact details of company representative

  • Listing of Professionals - Will include name, organization, designation and email and / or phone number of the individual

The data section will also include an alphabetical cross-index, which will link the companies with the professionals and vice versa, to make it easier to look up data for a company or a professional.

Global Reach & Visibility

The Denim Business directory offers an unmatched opportunity to all denim related businesses to promote their offerings and reach out to a very large and directly relevant audience across the entire denim eco-system.

The advertisements section will carry commercial advertisements of businesses related to all segments of denim value chain. All the advertisements will appear in all the different formats of the directory.

Click here for a live preview of the advertisement section, and click here to see a complete list of companies who have already confirmed their advertisement in the directory.